About Skin

Created by Anchors Aweigh Suspension, The Skin Collective is a group of individuals from around the world, that get together to explore body suspension as an art medium. Motivated by the drive to learn, explore, and experiment, the group gets together for various incarnations of the project, and constructs live installation pieces. Some projects are private, and some are open to the public.

A visceral medium, suspension is actually considered a cathartic process on many levels. Many individuals suspend to experience some form of release, be it physical, mental, or even spiritual. An inherently emotional experience, suspension is powerful on many levels, and capturing and portraying it in different ways, makes it possible to communicate ideas on higher conceptual levels.

For more information, feel free to drop us a line, or take a closer look at some of our current projects, over at skinproject.site. If you are interested in experiencing suspension firsthand, let us know, and we can direct you towards any groups we may be aware of in your area. If you are interested in attending one of our events, please sign up for our newsletter, or just send us an email expressing your interest.

For the rest of 2017, The Skin Project is focusing on creatinging installations in the NYC area only.