About Skin

Created by Anchors Aweigh Suspension, Skin is a series of art installations, exploring body suspension as art. A visceral medium, suspension is actually considered a cathartic process on many levels. Many individuals suspend to experience some form of release, be it physical, mental, or even spiritual. An inherently emotional experience, suspension is powerful on many levels, and capturing and portraying it in different ways, makes it possible to communicate ideas on a conceptual level.

The first installation, Skin:NYC, took place in April of 2015. While designed by Orb Ism of Anchors Aweigh, it was presented by the 2nd Body Suspension Symposium, and brought together incredibly talented suspension practitioners from around the world to collaborate together. A prototype of sorts, its success started the momentum necessary to move the project forward as a series.

The second project took place in Philadelphia, on 15 & 16 April, 2016. It explored the concept of dimension, both internal, and external to the human mind.

The next project will be taking place in Los Angeles, on May 26 & 27, 2017. The conceptdriving Skin:LA will be "Finding Balance."

SKIN Body Suspension Art SKIN

A body suspension art installation series

Created by Anchors Aweigh